Monday, May 9, 2011

My Indian Wedding - Happy 1st Anniversary to Us!

Today is our 1st Wedding Anniversary. I just can not believe that a whole year past since we embarked on this wonderful journey together. It definitely was a right decision and we make a very good team. I foresee many many happy years ahead of us... :)

We celebrated our anniversary yesterday, on Sunday, by first going to a magic performance at The Marrakech Magic Theater and afterward for dinner to Aicha, a Moroccan restaurant.

The magic performance was awesome and I would strongly recommend it! The Magician, Peter Morrison, was very entertaining and skillful. He performed many tricks that we were not able to figure out. Additionally, he tried to involve all members of the audience in his tricks, and for various parts of the performance he was selecting different people (including both Anil and I!) to help him.

After the show we went to Aicha, which according to yelp should be the best Moroccan restaurant in the Bay Area. It was my first visit ever to a Moroccan restaurant, so I can not compare it to other restaurants belonging to this category, but both Anil and I definitely thought that food at Aicha was great. It was also inexpensive - a 4 course prix fixe was only $23/person. It is also nice that they let you bring your own wine and do not charge you a corkage fee.

Later, after coming back home, we shared a piece of our wedding cake that was waiting for us in the freezer for the past year. With the cake we drunk my favorite dessert wine, Donnafugate Ben Rye Passito di Pantelleria, toasting to many more happy anniversaries together. Cheers!

This post concludes "My Indian Wedding" post series.

At the magic performance:

Our wedding cake and wedding rings:

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