Saturday, June 21, 2008

Biking over Golden Gate Bridge

Last weekend Ania and I biked over the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito. Actually, for almost half of the bridge we walked as we stayed on its east side that during weekends is reserved for pedestrian traffic only. The disadvantage of being forced to bike on the west side of the bridge is that neither downtown SF nor Alcatraz are easily visible from this side of the bridge. On the other hand, GGB is really long, so having to walk it all the way to the end takes a lot of time...

Palace of fine arts and Alcatraz from "Inspiration Point" in Presidio:

Biking the bridge:

If you need last-minute counseling:

Golden Gate Bridge from "Vista Point" on its north side:

Downtown SF as seen from Sausalito:

Golden Gate Bridge in the infamous fog:

Downtown SF from the ferry:

Mill Valley Hike

On Sunday, two weeks ago, I went hiking with several people from my lab in Mill Valley area. Beginning of our hike was pretty strenious - we had to climb 670 steps of the Dipsea Trail. But once we climbed the stairs, the trail became very easy - from then on we were mostly moving gradually downwards. All in all our hike was around 6.5 miles and took us around 4h (including picnic break). I thought that it was very beautiful and I would recommend it to anybody without hesitation.

On the road:

View from the top of the trail: