Sunday, May 11, 2008


A friend who knew that I would be flying back today from Europe to SF wrote to me in the email following message:
Hope you are having a good flight right now, I'd be expecting some mild clear air turbulence over Idaho and central Oregon, caused by the jet stream that is messing up the flying here today. Booh!
Any ideas who this friend could be?

Friday, May 9, 2008

CA driver's license

As a resident of California I am obliged to have a Californian driver's license if I want to drive (legally) cars here. Even though I have my national driver's license for many years now, still I have to take both written test and driving test to get the Californian one. I just started studying for the written exam and I just can not stop myself from sharing with you this very interesting rule that I found in the official CA driver's handbook: "Do not shoot firearms on a highway or at traffic signs". Hmm, does it mean that you can shoot firearms at roads which are not highwyas and at all other things that are not traffic signs?