Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Indian Wedding - Bollywood Party

The last attraction that we planned for our wedding day was a visit to Bollyweird Street Fair that was taking place on that day in San Francisco. We thought that it would be a shame to miss Bollywood-themed dancing party that, by coincidence, happened to be taking place on our wedding day!

So directly from the vineyard we drove to downtown SF and joined the fair. We stayed there almost till 8 pm as for 7:40 pm the attempt to break the world’s record for the Largest Bollywood Dance was supposed to take place. Unfortunately, I think by that time both the participants and organizers of the fair were completely drunk/stoned, and no breaking of the world record happened. Some people tried to dance here and there, but by no means it was a synchronized dance. It was a pity as I was really hoping to be able to say: "And on my wedding day I participated in breaking of the world's record in the largest Bollywood Dance!" That would be a pretty awesome story to tell to my grandkids...

Since the street fair was a bit disappointing, we decided to go to the nearby pub for a few more drinks. We stayed there till around 11 pm, when we finally were ready to go back home. It was a long day for Anil and me, as we woke up at 5 am. We were really looking forward to go home and rest, but the fate decided that we deserve yet another adventure.

When we came back to our rental car it would not open! Luckily, CityCarShare is an awesome company and they solved our problem within half an hour. After I called them and explained the problem, they sent to us somebody "who would break into the car". Initially I thought that I must have misunderstood them, but the person they sent actually did break into the car! It took him less than 5 minutes to open the car and then another couple of minutes to jump-start it and charge it. As we learned, the reason we could not open the car was that we left the key in the ignition, which caused draining of the battery (we rented a hybrid). And even though it was clearly our fault, CityCarShare did not charge us a single buck! Still, I'm mostly grateful that they solved our problem within a half an hour, even though I called them close to midnight on Sunday night. That I call an excellent customer service.

This adventure also officially concluded our wedding day. After 19h of fun and excitement we were back at home, happily married :)

Anil and I at Bollyweird Street Fair:

At the pub: