Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Indian Wedding - Cake

As I mentioned before, we were not too keen on having a wedding cake. It just did not seem to make any sense to pay >$1,000 for a cake! (In the US, average price of a piece of the wedding cake is around $15. So a cake for 100 people will cost ~$1,500.) I considered buying a "regular" big cake, but it proved to be difficult as our wedding cake had to be made without eggs.

So in the end we surrendered to the will of our uncle, as well as several of our guests who also expressed the opinion that a wedding cake is a must, and we decided to order a cake from an Indian bakery (mithai). Our uncle was overjoyed with our decision and immediately took us to "Passage to India", located in Mountain View.

We tasted several types of eggless cakes there, and decided to go with a three-layer cake in which every layer would have a different flavor. The flavors we picked were strawberry, mango and pineapple. Upon the recommendation of our uncle, we decided to keep the top layer of our cake in a freezer till our first wedding anniversary. I'm definitely looking forward to eating it in a few days :)

I was positively surprised how tasty our wedding cake was, as usually I find wedding cakes too sweet and too creamy. Many of our guests liked the cake too, and one of my friends even said that it was the best cake she ever had. So the big thanks should go to our uncle for convincing us to get a cake, for recommending a place to buy it from, and also for paying for it!

Anil and the uncle in front of the bakery:

The uncle and auntie tasting cakes:

Our wedding cake:

The bride and the groom cutting the first slice of the cake:

Indian tradition calls for the groom and bride to feed each other sweets. Our guests were encouraging me to feed Anil a really big piece of the cake:

I decided to spare the cake (and Anil) and feed him just a little bit:

Once everybody got their piece of cake, the time came for toasts. I think the first one was by Gautam, Anil's older brother:

Then came Tadhg's turn:

And afterward ours:

I should also mention that throughout the reception we had live entertainment provided by kids of our guests :)