Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Shopping Malls

Entering a shopping mall in India is like entering another country. Within seconds you forget about the crowds, poverty, potholes and traffic. Instead you find yourself in the world of multi-screen cinemas, restaurants, branded shops and recreational facilities for adults and children. I was amazed that all shopping malls we visited were buzzing with people, even though everything was vastly overpriced there.

Be aware that there are metal detectors and armed security guards in front of all major shopping malls. If you bring a bigger bag with you, likely you will need to check it in. Even a camera bag is not looked upon too kindly, and every electronics shop I tried to enter asked me to check it in (which I refused to do, so I couldn't visit any of them).

One of the fancier malls (City Center) in Hyderabad:

I always feel disturbed seeing white-skinned blond women in Indian ads:

A super-fancy train-restaurant in one of the malls:

A little bit less fancy shopping mall, where people actually do shop, not just hang out:

Metal detectors in front of one of the malls (GVK One in Hyderabad):