Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Poland, India, California

Posts about our Indian wedding ceremony have been appearing here for the last two months and a lot has been happening in our lives during this time.

First, we visited my family and friends in Poland, where beautiful Polish winter with lots of snow and sun awaited us. Even though we had only 8 days there, I wanted to show a little piece of Poland to Anil, so together with him and my parents we went to Torun, Gniezno and Biskupin.

Directly from Poland we flew to India to visit Anil's family and warm up our bodies in Indian summer heat. We were very busy there meeting hundreds of relatives and running some errands for Anil's parents, so we only managed to go on one two day trip to a Tiger Reserve. Nonetheless, I plan to have several posts about India, as it is such immensely fascinating country.

After two weeks there we came back to our home, the Bay Area, which welcomed us with rains... It is a miracle that neither of us got sick from all these sudden weather changes. Needless to say, since we came back to SF we already managed to go on many hikes, we took several road trips, and we participated in a few interesting events. My plan is to first post about all these events/hikes/trips before I start posting about Peru.

Here is a list of upcoming posts:

Posts about Poland:
  1. Winter in Poland
  2. Poznan - Old Town Hall's Goats
  3. Poznan - Fara
  4. Torun by Day and Night
  5. Biskupin in Snow
  6. Baroque Church in Gasawa
  7. Gniezno - Poland Was Born Here
  8. Church in My Hometown

Posts about India:
  1. On the Road in India
  2. Shopping Malls
  3. Art Galleries in Hyderabad
  4. Life in India
  5. Family Photos in India
  6. Cooking Classes with Indian Mother in Law
  7. Thoughts on Photography
  8. Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve
  9. Satyanarayan Puja

Posts about California:
  1. SF Marina
  2. SF Giants Studium
  3. Third Street Bridge
  4. Ano Nuevo SP - Elephant Seal Guided Walk
  5. Swanton Berry Farm
  6. Pinnacles NM - Bear Gulch Area
  7. Pinnacles NM - East to West Loop Hike
  8. Golden Gate Bridge - Fort Baker Hike
  9. Generator Mural
  10. Radio Habana Social Club
  11. Trapeze Artists
  12. Clarion Alley Mural Project
  13. Little Giant Loop - Mt Diablo SP
  14. Golden Gate Bridge by Night
  15. Big Wheel Race 2011
  16. Jacks Peak County Park
  17. Asilomar Coast Trail
  18. Soberanes Canyon in Garrapata State Park
  19. McWay Falls in Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park
  20. My Very First Art Show
  21. Magic Bus
  22. Montara Lighthouse and Beach
  23. Lab Retreat
  24. Yosemite Valley
  25. Yosemite NP - Nevada Falls Hike
  26. Yosemite NP - Wapama Falls Hike in Hetch Hetchy Valley
  27. My Art in Sacramento Crocker Art Museum
  28. Violin Performance at Sacramento Crocker Art Museum
  29. Crater Lake NP
  30. Lava Beds NM