Sunday, May 29, 2011

On the road in India

India is a diverse country and it definitely shows on its roads. Obviously there are big differences in development between big cities and small villages, e.g. many of the former have five-lane highways, whereas the latter often do not even have paved roads. But that would be true in many other countries too. What I find amazing about India is that you are equally likely to see a cow cart in small villages as you are in big cities.

A small side road on the way to Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve. Even though the road is paved, it is narrow, has lots of holes, and there is lots of traffic. I think we were averaging under 20km/h there. (It took us close to 6h to cover 120km...)

Kids playing on the road in Tadoba village:

In India, there are no sidewalks. So everybody is walking on the roads:

Hyderabad, a city of 4 million, has good roads:

I find it crazy that motorcyclists do not wear helmets!

There is so much pollution that traffic officers wear dust masks: