Monday, May 2, 2011

My Indian Wedding - Reception & Photosession

After we came back from the Temple, both Anil and I changed into more comfortable outfits. Apparently that was a sign for our guests that it was time to take photos of and with us. We did not plan to have a photosession, but I'm glad that we did. It definitely makes for a nice memory to be able to look at all those great photos that we have with almost all guests that attended our wedding ceremony.

The groom and the bride:

The groom on the elephant, the bride on the groom :)

Congratulations and wishes from our uncle and his family:

An official photo with the uncle's family:

In the photo below we are together with Neeta, Gautam, Aditi and Ram:

And here are photos with our other guests:

While our photosession was still in progress, some of our guest got hungry and started enjoying the food. If you are curious to see what was on the menu, check out my previous post dedicated to that subject.

It was also a very nice surprise to see that my friend Alessio, who was our semi-official photographer, took pictures of all tables with our guests: