Friday, May 6, 2011

My Indian Wedding - Visit at the Vineyard

Anil and I decided to make our wedding a full day event. We expected that the reception in Livermore would be over by around 3-4 pm and we thought it would be nice to have some more fun afterward. The obvious choice was to go for a wine tasting to one of the nearby vineyards.

Around a month before our wedding we ventured to Livermore Valley to find a vineyard that could host around 30-40 people. (We assumed that a majority of our guests would not have time to join us.) We picked Charles R Vineyards as it had decent wines, friendly owners, scenic surroundings and nice outdoor seating area.

As planned, we went there immediately after the reception. By then the weather got much better: it was warm and sunny, even though the day started with pouring rain. Sadly, not too many of our guests decided to go with us to the vineyard. But maybe it was for the best, as finally, for the first time during our wedding day, we got to talk a bit more with these of our friends who decided to join us.

My friend Lev, who also happens to be a wine connoisseur, picked several bottles of excellent wines for all of us to share, and was also kind enough to pick up the bill. (Thank you!!!) The wine, the sun and the lovely company made this little side trip very enjoyable and let us relax a bit - a claim that probably not many married couples can make about their wedding day :)

Livermore Valley:

Charles R Vineyards:

At the vineyard, with our great friends:

Enjoying the wine and a bit of sun:

Further examinations of my henna design: