Thursday, June 2, 2011

Art Galleries in Hyderabad

My friend Nancy, who is an artist, took me to a couple art galleries in Hyderabad.

First we went to the art gallery called "Kalakriti" in Banjara Hills that was showing "Cloud-hunter and other works" by Anju Dodiya.

I did not really know what to expect from contemporary Indian art, but what I saw and experienced definitely exceeded whatever I did or did not expected. It was a true treat to see works of Anju Dodiya and I was very pleased to hear from Nancy that Hyderabad art scene was vibrant, and equally good shows happened there on a weekly basis! It also seems that many Indians have disposable incomes, so art sells pretty well. Something I would have not guessed thinking about a country like India.

The second gallery that we visited was actually a coffee shop that on its walls showcases works of different artists (usually two pieces per artist). The shop is called "Beyond Coffee" and is located in Jubilee Hills, not far away from Anil's parents house. I was not too impressed with art quality there, but I liked the idea of a coffee house offering something more than coffee. I'm sure I'll give it another chance next time I'm in Hyderabad.

A beautiful quilt made by Nancy and her husband Michael:

"Cloud-hunter" by Anju Dodiya - painted on upholstery!

"Changing skin" by Anju Dodiya. Left panel: embroidery on mattress, right panel: watercolour and charcoal on paper:

"The paper robe" as above - partially made on mattress, partially on paper:

A coffee shop/art gallery "Beyond Coffee":