Friday, June 24, 2011

Swanton Berry Farm

What a fabulous find Swanton Berry Farm was!

After the elephant seal tour at Ano Nuevo SP we felt like having coffee. We thought we would have to drive all the way to Santa Cruz to find a nice coffee place, but then we saw "Home-made Pies" sign on Hwy 1. We figured that home-made pies might come with home-made coffee, so we pulled into Swanton Berry Farm.

From the outside the place did not look too inviting and Anil was ready to leave without checking how it looked inside. I convinced him to give it a chance and as soon as we entered it we got enchanted by it.

Swanton Berry Farm is a union-operated place where you can find delicious and cheap coffee or cocoa, as well as SUPER-DELICIOUS cakes, scones, truffles, jams, and more. Suffice to say that we loved every single item that we tried there! Everything was fresh, not too sweet, and made from organic produce. Also I was very impressed that they have an honor-based system for payments. It's up to you to calculate how much you should pay and there is nobody who is going to look over your shoulder to make sure you did not make a mistake. So if you go there, please leave a generous tip!

Swanton Berry Farm has an honor-based system for payments:

Delicious jams (and a photo of Cesar Chavez):

Don't judge book by its cover. Even though Swanton Berry Farm does not look fancy from the outside, it is definitely worth a visit: