Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Indian Wedding - Invitations

As soon as we decided to get married, we informed our families about it, and the preparations for the wedding ceremony officially started.

We decided to get married following Hindu tradition, and have a party for all our friends from the Bay Area immediately after the ceremony. We invited our families and friends from all over the world, but because of short notice we did not expect too many of them to show up. Indeed, none of our friends from Europe and Asia made it.

The date of our wedding was picked by Indian astrologers, based on our dates of birth. Apparently, there are more and less auspicious dates in the Hindu calendar, and 9th of May 2010 happened to be one of the more auspicious days, which should guarantee us a long and happy life together.

As soon as the date was picked and the temple was booked (by one of Anil's uncles who helped us tremendously with the wedding preparations), our wedding invitations got sent to a printing house in Poland.

They were designed by my step-brother Dawid, with a minimal input (and lots of demands) from our side. Dawid definitely did a great job not only with designing the invitations, but also coordinating with a printing house, as well as picking the right paper both for the invitations and envelops.

It pays off to have a graphic designer in a family :) Thanks again, Dawid! (Special thanks also goes to my dearest friend Tadhg for proofreading all texts.)

The front page of the English version of our invitations (we also printed around 100 invitations in Polish):

The middle page (I removed our last names from this one):

And here are some other invitation designs that we could have picked from: