Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Indian Wedding

As we are approaching our first wedding anniversary, I thought it would be appropriate to post here about our last year's wedding celebration and wedding preparations.

We got married following Hindu tradition, which was a very interesting experience for me, a Westerner. I will try to share with you some of my insights into the Indian wedding customs, as seen from a perspective of an "outsider".

Below is our "Welcome" poster for the wedding celebration. In the background is a picture of Ganesha, the Remover of Obstacles, without whom no Indian celebration can take place:

Here is an outline of the posts that I plan to publish within next two months (one post every two days):
  1. Why We Decided to Get Married
  2. Invitations
  3. Website
  4. Wedding Location
  5. About Us
  6. About the Groom
  7. About the Bride
  8. Our Families in Photos
  9. Gifts/Donations
  10. Guestbook
  11. Formalities at the City Hall
  12. Menu
  13. Decorations
  14. Dresses
  15. Bridal Make Up & Hairstyle
  16. Bridal Mehindi
  17. Pandit/Priest
  18. Hindu Wedding
  19. Evening before the Wedding
  20. Morning of the Wedding
  21. Ganapathy Pooja
  22. Kankana Dhaarana
  23. Kanya Daanam
  24. Muhurtam
  25. Mangalya Dharanam
  26. Pradhaana Homam
  27. Laaja Homam
  28. Saptapadi
  29. Aashirvaadam
  30. Blessings at the Temple
  31. Reception & Photosession
  32. Cake
  33. Visit at the Vineyard
  34. Bollywood Party
  35. Happy 1st Anniversary to Us!