Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Indian Wedding - Wedding Location

We decided to have our wedding at the Shiva-Vishnu Temple in Livermore, as it is the biggest and the prettiest of the Hindu temples in the Bay Area. Also, it is the only one that I had visited a few times before the wedding, so we felt the most comfortable getting married there.

Here is a picture of the Temple:

And here is a text we had on our wedding website under a link "Wedding Location":

Our wedding ceremony will take place in the Assembly Hall of the Shiva-Vishnu Temple, 1232 Arrowhead Ave, Livermore, CA, USA.

The Assembly Hall is located directly behind the Temple.

Directions to the Temple:

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Do not hesitate to visit the Temple before, after or during our wedding ceremony.

If you plan to visit the Temple please follow their rules:
  1. Dress modestly (short skirts and shorts are not advisable.
  2. Remove your shoes or any kind of footwear before entering the Temple. On the left side in front of the Temple you will find racks for your footwear. (You can wear your shoes in the Assembly Hall.)
  3. Do not photograph or film any of the Deities.
  4. Switch off all cell phones prior to entering the Temple.
  5. No smoking, no alcoholic beverages, no drugs, no weapons anywhere in the Temple premises, including parking lots.
  6. Do not eat any food inside the Temple. (Again, after the ceremony we will have a buffet-style lunch in the Assembly Hall behind the Temple. There is also an infant feeding room available if you need one.)
  7. Avoid noise of any kind. Please keep your voice down and promote an atmosphere for worship.
  8. Children are requested to refrain from running around, screaming or shouting in the temple premises. Please avoid giving loud instructions to your small children, especially when you are close to Deity.
  9. Usage of strollers is restricted in the Temple.