Monday, March 7, 2011

My Indian Wedding - Wedding Webpage

My step brother - Dawid - not only designed our wedding invitations, but also our wedding website. The website was kept in similar style to the invitations. It had a mostly blue background, our picture in the top left corner, and a picture of Ganesha (the Remover of Obstacles) behind the text.

The primary purpose of the website was to provide our guests with information on timing of events of our wedding day, as well as on how to get to the temple and what kind of food and drinks would be served. Additionally, since many of our guests had never attended an Indian wedding, we decided to also have there a detailed description of Hindu wedding rituals. Lastly, for our families and friends from abroad, we assembled several photogalleries with pictures of Anil's and my families, as well as short texts describing the two of us and development of our relationship, so that they could get to know us a little bit more before we would have a chance to meet in person.

All texts that appeared on our webpage were proofread by my super-kind and super-patient friend Tadhg. Dearest Tadhg - THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Here is a text that was featured on the main page of our website:

Dear Family and Friends,

We're getting married!

We’d be delighted if you joined us to witness and take part in our celebration.
The wedding ceremony will start promptly at 9:30am on Sunday, May 9th, 2010, in the Assembly Hall, Shiva-Vishnu Temple, Livermore, CA, and will follow Hindu tradition. Please feel free to join us in the middle of the ceremony if 9:30 is too early for you or your kids ☺.

After the ceremony please join us for a buffet-style lunch. The lunch will also take place in the Assembly Hall and will start at around 12 pm.

We know you're all eager to give us presents and flowers, but please don't!
Instead, we would truly appreciate donations to charitable organizations. Alternatively, we are willing to accept lottery tickets :)

Please use our guest book to let us know if you are coming to the ceremony and/or reception.

We hope to see you all there!

With love,
Monika & Anil

What:        A Wedding
Who:         Monika & Anil
When:       9:30am, Sunday 9 May 2010
Where:      Assembly Hall, Shiva-Vishnu Temple, Livermore, CA, USA
How:         Following Hindu tradition
Why:         Love!
RSVP:       Through the Guest Book
Attire:        Casual and modest
Food:         Indian Vegetarian, same location at around 12pm
Drinks:       Non-alcoholic
Gifts:          No gifts, please! Instead, we would appreciate charitable donations.