Friday, April 8, 2011

My Indian Wedding - Evening before the Wedding

A day before our wedding our track, which we needed to transport things to the wedding hall, started misbehaving. The engine would switch off whenever the gas pedal was not pressed down... Of course Anil did not think it was a problem at all, and he was confident that he would be able to drive it. I was confident that I wouldn't - just one of those little differences between men and women :)

In the end everything worked out well and we managed to use the truck to transport everything that needed to be transported to the Livermore Temple. Several of our friends were already there waiting for us to help us with the wedding hall set up.

As I mentioned previously, we hired Prime Party Rentals to set up a mandap and to decorate the chairs, but the set up of the tables had to be done by us. If I remember correctly it took eight of us around two hours to do the job, and we were pretty exhausted by the end of it. I was also a bit frustrated as Prime Party Rentals screwed up several things for us: (1) they set up a mandap in the wrong place; (2) they used wilted flowers to make our garlands; (3) they put a wrong-colored ribbons on the chairs...

I remember wondering what else could possibly go wrong and I remember being not happy about feeling tired and exhausted. But I think almost all brides feel like this a day before their wedding.

Then, to make my day even more interesting, our truck decided to one more time show us who was in charge and it switched itself off (even though Anil was pressing the gas pedal) in the middle of the street, just a kilometer away from our house. Luckily, we managed to sweet-talk it into starting again and we got back home safely. Still, we decided that the car was too capricious to be trusted to deliver us to the wedding hall on time, so for our wedding day we rented a car from citycarshare.

Funny enough, we also had a little problem with our citycarshare car (story to come), which makes me think that our wedding-car-karma must have been pretty bad... It proves my point that we should have hired an elephant for the wedding :)

This is how the wedding hall looked on the night before our wedding:

As you can see at the end of the evening we were pretty tired...