Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Indian Wedding - Saptapadi

As the name suggests, during Saptapadi (Seven Steps) the bride and groom take seven steps together. These steps symbolize the beginning of their journey through life as partners.

With each step that Anil and I took together, we promised to each other to:
  1. Support each other
  2. Fill our hearts with strength and courage
  3. Prosper and share our worldly goods
  4. Fill our hearts with love, peace, happiness, and spiritual values
  5. Strive to create a happy, healthy, and strong family together
  6. Live a long life in a loving harmony with each other
  7. Respect each other, be best friends and eternal partners
Upon the completion of the seven steps Anil and I exchanged garlands, and from that moment onwards we became wife and husband.

The priest set up seven piles of turmeric-stained rice, each of which symbolizes one of the steps:

The last step:

Garland exchange. For reasons that are not fully clear to me, the uncle insisted that Anil should put a garland on me before I would put mine on him. I was later told that the person who puts the garland last will be the one that makes all important decisions in the marriage. Still, we did not listen to the uncle and I put my garland on Anil's neck before he put his on mine. I guess that means that Anil should make all decisions for us... :)