Monday, January 28, 2008

Africa 2006 - posts outline

More than a year passed since I came back from my wonderful two-month long holidays in Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Namibia and South Africa) and I virtually made no progress in documenting that trip in reasonable form. I am afraid that the more I will postpone writing about it the more difficult it will become as my memories will fade away. Thus, I have decided to come up with the outline for the posts dealing with this subject, hoping that it will help me to start working on this project.

Here is the outline of the posts that I plan to write in near future:

1: the plan, the compromise (written)
2: arrival in Nairobi (in progress)
3: trip to Kitale
4: Mt Elgon NP - Kenyan part
5: getting out of Suam
6: hiking on Mt Elgon
7: public transport in Uganda
8: Kampala
9: Volcano NP
10: Masai Mara NP
11: corruption in Kenya (written)
12: roads in Kenya (written)
13: Masai invasion (written)
14: A night at the Masai village (in progress)
15: Tsavo NP
16: At the beach
17: Coral Reef
18: Low tide
19: Hell's Gate Gorge
20: On the way to Namibia
21: Desert plants
22: Fish River Canyon
23: Windhoek
24: Etosha NP
25: hiking up Brandberg
26: rock paintings on Brandberg
27: Namibian road signs
28: Burnt Mountain
29: Organ pipes
30: rock engravings at Twyfelfontain
31: petrified forest
32: Himba vs Herero
33: visit at Himba village
34: Epupa waterfall
35: Kunene River
36: Ovambo bars
37: visit at Ovambo village
38: on the road
39: Skeleton Coast NP
40: Skeleton Coast NP - plants
41: Skeleton Coast NP - dunes
42: Skeleton Coast NP - shipwrecks and other wrecks
43: sea lions' colony at Cape Cross
44: Swakopmund
45: flamingos
46: salt factory
47: Moon landscape
48: Welwitschia mirabilis
49: Dunes and Sossusvlei
50: dead camel thorn trees at Dead Vlei
51: hiking on Drakensberg
52: East African food (in progress)
53: East African police and tourists
54: Ugandan hospitality
55: white-black conflict in South Africa and Namibia

Hmm, it seems that even if I would be writing one post a day (which is probably not feasible), it still would take me around 2 months to finish this project. So I guess realistically I can expect to have it finished in half a year or so. Well, better that than nothing.