Friday, January 4, 2008

hello? - update

Update: Did I say that it was raining here? I was so wrong. Obviously we had a storm passing through my neighborhood - on my street, within 100 meters of my house, there are 3 trees lying with they roots out. As I am writing that firemen (and one firewoman) are cutting them into pieces and removing from a sidewalk and street. Hmm, I must sleep really well if I had not heard those trees falling (they are huge trees).

Ha, ha. Here is link to BBC news: link I knew that there is something weird about this rain.

I woke up in alternative reality - it is still raining (or I should say POURING CATS AND DOGS!!!) and there is "flood alert" in whole SF.
Moreover, my Internet connection drops all the time. Lovely. Argh. Still biting (but less, I guess I am getting used to rain).