Sunday, January 27, 2008

Muir Woods O1/08

Yesterday Andrzej and I went hiking in Muir Woods. Initially we planed to hike up Mt Diabolo, but we were not sure how feasible that would be as there were again heavy rains passing through SF Bay area. So we decided to go for easy Muir Woods hike instead. At least we were lucky with weather - it was not raining at all yesterday, and occasionally even sun managed to get to us through the clouds. Also, there were not that many tourists on hiking trails that day, as they were all probably worried that weather might turn bad any moment.

We started our hike at Muir Woods Visitor Center from where we took Ben Johnson Trail to Dipsea Trail, which led us back to the parking lot. Or so we thought. We were so close to our car, we could almost see it, but we could not reach it as we were separated from it by a stream, which after all this rain was much deeper than it used to be... So we ended up retracing our steps back all the way back to visitors center.. . - maybe it was not very exciting, but at least it was a good work out for my leg muscles :)

Where everything started:

After the rain colors are amazingly intense:

Everything is so wet:

Mushrooms are growing:

Streams are full of water:

Redwoods are truly red:

And still huge!