Friday, January 18, 2008

my girls

"We stepped into a Greek magical land with soulful music and centaurs running around..."

This is how Shiva described our last night's experience. I decided to quote it here, because I doubt that I would find myself a more accurate description of the amazing evening that Shiva, Lilyana and I had yesterday.

We met in Parea, a Greek wine bar, unaware of the fact that it was a special evening there. Every third Thursday of the month SF Greek community organizes at Parea a "Greek night". The bar offers then a special Greek menu, special Greek wine, Greek music, Greek dances and many many Greek people. Think about "My Fat Greek Wedding" and you will get a pretty good idea of the place that we found ourselves last night. It is very likely that three of us (plus waitering staff) were the only non-Greek (or Greek-related) people there. At least at the beginning of the party. Because by the end of it Shiva and I (Lilyana had to leave earlier) were kissing and hugging everyone around us. We also ended up dancing traditional Greek dances without any prior knowledge of how to do it. And apparently, we were not that bad at it! They said that we would need two more lessons and we would be as good as Greek...

Experiences like this make me love San Francisco. It's so easy here to truly feel citizen of the world and part of one big human family.

But I am also convinced that there are many people living in San Francisco that never experience anything like this.

There is just something magical about me meeting with Shiva. We never plan anything, but we always end up having the best time ever. Good things happen to us all the time, but when we are together they seem to magnify even further. We also always seem to perceive the outside world in the same way. For example, within the minute that I thought that yesterday's evening was magical and that I started feeling like all those Greek people there were my family - Shiva said that aloud. The same was in Mexico. At certain moment when we were sitting in the car driving away from the airport - we looked deeply into each other's eyes - and we said: "It's perfect. It couldn't be better. Whatever happens, we will have the best holidays ever." And we did.
We also realized yesterday that we both share this deep feeling that good things will happen to us in our lives and that we do not have to worry about anything. And it seems that at least so far, we were right.

I have no photos from yesterday evening, so instead I will post a few old photos of me with Lilyana and Shiva, that you can see how beautiful and shiny they are!

Here, now relatively old, photo of Lilyana and me at the gay pride parade in SF last year:

And here are few more photos from my recent trip to Cabo Pulmo taken with Shiva's camera. First, the two of us on the first evening in Mexico:

And that's a photo of Shiva and me taken in our favorite restaurant (At The Beach, or La Playa, if you prefer) on our last afternoon in Cabo:

As you can see we were huge fans of local Margaritas...

... as well as chips with salsa and guacamole: