Saturday, January 5, 2008

the one with obsessive-compulsive father

Look closely at photos below and try to guess what is wrong with them (the answer is at the bottom of this post).

My parents' house as seen from the street:

Living room:

Guest bedroom:

Study room:

Dinning room:


Master bedroom:

Master bathroom:

Wardrobe room:

And? Did you manage to spot anything extraordinary about my parents' place?

The correct answer (in case you did not get it): the house of my parents shows hardly any signs of human habitation.

The photo showing the kitchen was taken less than 5 minutes after we finished eating breakfast. Photos of bedrooms were also taken just few minutes after we woke up. There is no book, newspaper or CD left anywhere. No dirty dishes in the sink, no wet towels in the bathroom.
Even my presence in that house for almost a week did not manage to interfere with my fathers' obsessive-compulsive love of cleanness and order.

Now, here is the photo of my room:

Hmm, dear diary, should I sing up for a therapy now, or can I wait with that another 20 years?