Monday, January 21, 2008

Death Valley: Zabriskie Point

From The Racetrack we tried to make our way to Panamint Spring, but unfortunately, this time to pass connecting them dirt road, one would really need a 4WD. Once it was clear that with our car we will not manage it (and we really tried hard), we turned back and drove in the direction of Furnace Creek Visitor's center and campground. As expected, this campground was not as empty as the one where we spent the first night. Still, it was not very bad. As the sunset was approaching and we were very close to Zabriskie Point (which was supposed to look spectacular at this time of a day), we followed the crowd and also drove there. It was pretty, but because of a large number of tourist there, it was a kind of an anticlimax of a day for us.

Waiting for the sundown:

In the eye of beholder:

Zabriskie Point: