Friday, January 4, 2008

our class

Recently a social networking site called "our class" became extremely popular in Poland. In the end I also surrendered and signed up there. I even have to admit that I have a lot of fun when I look for (and when I am found by) my class mates and other long lost friends. This site is very simple, extremely slow and provides basically no privacy protection. Not that I mind (I have no privacy issues whatsoever, though I do mind that it is so painfully slow...), but I am just astonished that even though there are so much better foreign networking sites available, still somehow several million of Polish people decided to use "our class". Very interesting phenomenon.

Another, not that astonishing to me anymore, thing is that almost all of my friends there (that are in similar age group +/- 30) are already married and have 1-2 kids by now. Moreover, in descriptions that they give about themselves they only write: "I work here and there, I am married since this year to this person and I have these lovely kids that are my whole world" (which, btw, is also quite apparent when you look at the photos they post: photo 1: my kid; photo 2: my husband; photo 3: my kid and my husband, and so on, you get the point). And all that in the field: "write something about yourself". Since when people define themselves by the kids and partners they have? Anyway, whatever, I am not judging. In the end we are all different and we have right to our own life choices (and mistakes).

I get emails from female "friends" (or rather I should use word "acquaintances") that tell me that "I should get to work and find somebody to share my life with, because being alone has short legs". I am not kidding. An email stating exactly that prompted me to write this post. Should I write back to them "Get yourself a life, as living somebody's else life also has short legs? I do not want to worry you, but divorce rate in our country is so and so, so when you are old and ugly your husband will leave you, your kids will move to other city to go to college and you will anyway spent last years of your life alone wondering why you sacrificed the best years of your life for nothing".

I so would like to be bitchy enough to be able to send those kind of replies. But I guess I will simply send them a polite email back thanking for kind advice and wishing them all the best for the future.

PS Keep away. As you can see from the post above I'm biting today. It's raining, I'm stuck at home working all days long on the computer and I'm annoyed by Mr Temporary who apparently does not understand the importance of prompt replies to my emails (argh).