Monday, January 21, 2008

Grand Canyon NP

From Las Vegas we headed to the Grand Canyon. Luckily, we decided to enter it via less touristy east end (on the south rim of the canyon). Less touristy does not mean not touristy at all. Grand Canyon must be the prime destination of millions of tourists per year, and one can definitely feel it.

Because of that, I could not enjoy it as much as I would like to. I know that it is the biggest canyon in the world, and I agree that it is truly impressive (the colors are stunning). But somehow it feels very artificial, almost as if it would be created only for tourists... I definitely thought that it was too much effort to get there (basically it costed as 2 days of car driving), for what we got out of it. If I ever go back there again, it will be with a backpacking permit to go down and up the canyon. No more viewpoint to viewpoint driving for me.

Grand Canyon and me:

Grand Canyon by itself:

Ania and Moli:

Me again:

And another shot of the Grand Canyon: