Monday, January 14, 2008

my birthday party

Last Saturday I was celebrating my 30th birthday. The party was taking place at our house and I personally thought that it was great. At least I had lots of fun. I would even dare to say that it was the best birthday party that I ever had. I was very happy that almost all of my San Francisco friends could make it on that evening and I was even more happy to see Manja and Bartek there, who came all the way from San Diego to celebrate my b-day with me. Before the party I thought that it would be strange to have such big celebration without so many other important to me friends (who mostly live in Europe), but then when the party started this feeling completely disappeared and got replaced by feeling of joy.

And now, as always, few photos from the party.

Me with flowers and the HOME-MADE (!!!) cake from The Germans:

Mike, Sabrina, Gaius, Kamila, Tadhg:

Bartek, Manja and Assen:

Here Alessio is trying to attract attention of the girls with his iPhone:

Here I am together with Ganka:

Here are The Germans:

I'm explaining to Martin and Ania how to count in binary system using fingers (as thanks to this system I can pretend to be 26 years younger):

Alessio, my love :)

Another divorce picture for Ale:

Kristina and I:

Together with Tadhg in my room:

Monika, Bartek and Manja in the kitchen:

Della, Martin and Anil:

Alessio, the strongest, lifts me up (with one arm!) that I can be as tall as he and Martin:

And here is a photo of the cute wrapping of the mysterious gift that I got. I am still not 100% sure from whom I got this gift, though careful calligraphic analysis points towards certain gentleman whose identity I will keep secret for the moment ;)

Thank you to everybody for coming and making it such a wonderful experience!