Monday, January 14, 2008

Manja and Bartek in San Francisco

Last weekend Bartek and Manja came to San Francisco to visit the city and to join my 30th B-day party. It was so nice to have them over at my place for those few days. Also thanks to them, I got another chance to visit Exploratorium, one of my favorite museums in the world. I've been there twice before and I still did not manage to fully explore what it has to offer. If you are ever in SF, it's a must!

And now few pics from Manja's and Bartek's visit:

Lovers' photo-corner at Union Square:

At the gate to Chinatown:

Playing with a balancing stick at the Exploratorium:

On the floor of Exploratorim I found a sentence that well describes part of my attitude towards life:

And now in practice - follow your curiosity, explore your limits:

And last but not least, SF classic - Manja, Bartek and immortal Golden Gate Bridge: