Thursday, August 23, 2007

roads in Kenya

In the previous post about corruption in Kenya, I already mentioned that roads in Kenya (and to be fair also in Uganada) are in terrible state. Here are few pictures that illustrate that.

This is the major highway in Kenya connecting its capital, Nairobi, with a major city at the coast, Mombasa:

This is other major road in Kenya connecting Nairobi with Masai Mara NP, the most visited national park in Kenya:

In all countries that we visited (Kenya, Uganda, Namibia, South Africa) cars drive (in theory) on the left side of road. But in practice, as you could see from the pictures posted above, cars just drive wherever they want, trying to find an optimal route that will allow them to avoid holes in the road.

But 90% of roads in the country looked more or less like this:

Or like this:

This photo was taken after our fuel pump decided to stop pumping the fuel and we had to stop in one of the villages to have it repaired.