Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Polish Mafia in Dresden

A recipe for a good party: invite a critical mass of Polish people (depending on their characters it can be as little as 2), give them some alcohol (though it is not absolutely necessary) and ask them to sing any song they like.

Ewa, a newly hired Polish-French PI, was convinced by Tomek that it is her moral obligation to host a party for all Polish people working at the MPI. I think that she herself was a bit shocked with a direction that the party took...

On this video Agnieszka tries to "translate" one of the Polish cult songs ("Autobiography" by Perfect) to Jochen (one of very few not-Polish people attending the party):

Another cult song ("To be always where you are" by Lady Pank):

BTW: here is an original video clip of this song from the 80's..., shot in Chicago, I believe

And if this song is not sung then a party was clearly a failure ("Hey, Hawks!"):

As you could hear this song gives an excellent opportunity to join in singing even to non-Polish speakers. It is enough that you will occasionally shout "hey, hey" and you will not feel left out. This song is also a great song to sing on the streets of your city when you walk back home with your friends (or alone) as it is very dynamic and has a good, fast rhythm ideal to accompany your walk, but also because it will surely wake up everybody in the range of 500 meters letting them know how great time you just had.

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot to mention. This is Polish patriotic song about love to Ukraine... (We have also another very famous Polish epic poem that starts with words: "Lithuania, my country! You are as good health: how much one should prize you, he only can tell who has lost you". Moreover, action of this poem takes place in Soplicowo, which lies in contemporary Belarus...)
O, Yalta, o, Curzon.