Monday, August 20, 2007

Everybody can fly

This is one of my first flights from Buchenberg (mountain in German Alps) during the second part of the paragliding course. The elevation difference between starting point and landing was around 400 meters (it could have been much more if there were strong thermals). I know that from the video it looks like I was getting very close to the trees and avoided crashing into them in the last moment, but in reality there was still plenty of time to avoid them.

Here I am in the sky:

Here I just landed (notice how close I landed to the landing point - marked by a piece of cloth on the ground):

Here I am happy that I successfully landed and I walk with my paraglider to the packing area to prepare for the next flight:

I still do not have a full paragliding license as the weather was not cooperating during my last paragliding course. The worse is that I do not really have idea how to find time to finish the course. Maybe it's highest time to check what American regulations for getting license are and try to get it here instead of Germany.