Friday, August 10, 2007

list of unfinished posts

3/17: marriage
4/18: the marsh - a breeding ground of new performance
4/21: 2: arrival in Nairobi
5/15: Mission Bay Campus of UCSF
5/16: MPI-CBG
5/19: The Rape of Europa
5/24: movies - recommendations
6/26: June - where did you go?
6/26: dudes
6/26: television
7/22: earthquake
7/26: men: constant source of entertainment
7/26: men are sensitive
7/31: tattoo
8/08: John Muir Wilderness

most of these posts are 50 to 70% ready, but somehow I can not get myself to finish and post them; I guess it has something to do with their length: the longer they are, the more probable it is that they will not be finished