Friday, August 10, 2007

blogging in Polish vs English

I am kind of thinking about switching writing my blog to Polish.

1. my father would understand what I am writing (related con: maybe my father should not know everything as then he might be worrying too much about me, and there is really no reason to worry)
2. I can express myself so much better in Polish and finally I would be able to play with words/language as much as I like
3. anyway around 90% of comments are from my Polish speaking friends who initially made an effort to write them in English, but recently drifted into using Polish only, suggesting that Polish would be a preferred way of communication for them

1. there is a small but important group of my friends that occasionally check out my blog who do not speak Polish - but maybe they do not have to understand everything that I write? maybe just photos would be enough for them as they are enough now for my father?
2. in principle forcing myself to write in English should improve my writing in this language - actually I already realized that it takes me now much less time to write something than it took at the beginning of blog-writing (but maybe I am simply more careless now)
3. this blog is sort of diary of my life; what if my children/grandchildren would not be able to understand Polish and would like to read it?