Wednesday, August 15, 2007

the one with a criminal motif

How do you know that something must have happened to your best friend?
When you are unsuccessfully trying to contact her for the past two days (sending an email to all her multiple email accounts, sending her several text messages, waiting for her on Skype, writing a desperate blog post) and in reply you get only two enigmatic text messages (that could potentially be written by anybody who kidnapped/murdered your friend and in that way overtook her mobile phone).
I suspect that an evil-doer is her husband (police claims that in more than 90% of cases victims know they oppressors, and moreover, that often they are related). So my best friends' husband just sent me those two text messages to buy some time before I realize what's going on and contact the police (and in meantime, he with all money will disappear somewhere in Nicaragua or other Cuba where he will live happily ever after with some Latino beauty).

Radzik, if you are alive contact me immediately. Disaster has happened: there are insects in my room. If I do not get moral support, when you come to visit YOU WILL SLEEP WITH SPIDERS!!! Black widows, tarantulas, brown recluse spiders, funnel web spiders, wolf spiders, jumping spiders - if you want I can send you pictures that you can get used to that thought.