Friday, August 17, 2007

Europe travel plans

Dear Friends in old good Europe! I'm coming soon!
Here is my when and where:

Dresden - arrival on Friday, 16th of November at 13:00
Depending on how many people wish to see me and if somebody will be that kind to provide me with a place to sleep, I was thinking to stay in Dresden till Sunday morning.
Dear ex-lab mates, if my flight is not delayed I shall come to MPI promptly, hope you will be there! And would be great if we could go to Il giardinio or Triangle...

Warsaw - arrival on Sunday (18th) evening

Pila - arrival on Tuesday (20th)
Does anybody still live there? Ela? Emilka will you be there? Please, please!!!

Poznan - arrival on Saturday (24th) afternoon
I am kind of hoping that Anut and Moli will adopt me for few days. On Saturday evening I was thinking to go for drinks somewhere (place to be established) with anybody who wants to see me that I do not have to say the same stories all the time. Individual appointments are possible for Sunday and Monday (please apply via email ;-)).

San Francisco - arrival on Tuesday (27th) evening

Please notice that I am not coming to Europe for Christmas. But I will be back in April 2008 for Ola's wedding:

Poznan - arrival at 17:55 on Thursday, 24th of April 2008

Pila - arrival on Saturday morning

No further plans yet... Open to suggestions. Would anybody feel like going to Moscow/Saint Petersburg for a few days? (There will be long May weekend, so holidays should not be an issue.)

See you all soon. I already can not wait...