Wednesday, August 29, 2007

hiking in Muir Woods

Last Sunday Anne, Sebastian and I went for a hike in Muir Woods National Monument which is mostly known for its old-growth redwood forrest. Most of the redwoods located there are between 400 to 800 years old, and the tallest of them is around 85 meters high. I find redwoods very impressive not only because of they age and height, but I also find their perfectly straight brown-red trunk very beautiful. However, I have to say that I was much more impressed with the redwood forest of Redwood National Park which is home to Hyperion, the tallest living thing on earth (it's 115 meters high). Muir Woods seems to be very touristy, whereas Redwood NP is almost completely desolate, allowing for better enjoyment of nature.
Still, we enjoyed ourselves and our hike a lot. Below you can see few pictures that I took on that day.

Anne and Sebastian are discussing fire marks on the cross-section of this more than 800 year old redwood:

One of the lizards on our way:

A success! I had time to change lenses and take a photo of this little deer eating its lunch on the other side of the creek:

Again my tele-lens in action. This Blue Robin was sitting on the bush around 30 meters away from us:

"Coastal View Trail" did not offer any views thanks to a very thick fog, so I had to take pictures of something else instead:

The same raven as on the photo above preparing to land:

Typical hills of Muir Woods:

Muir Beach:

View from the top of Divisadero Street: