Saturday, August 25, 2007

Kenyan nightmare: Kanga Tours

After our terrible experience with Kanga Tours, we promised to ourselves that after coming back to Europe we would complain about them (and especially about the bribe attempt) to "appropriate Kenyan authorities". But in the end, we never did anything about it. Partially because we came back to our busy lives, and partially because I am not really sure how to identify the "appropriate authorities" in this case.

I've just googled "Kanga Tours" to see if anything interesting on them would come up and I found this:
Kanga Tours car rental manages a fleet of well-maintained vehicles ranging from 4x4wd Suzuki vitara, pajeros, landcruisers, saloon cars and safari minibus with pop up roof fitted with radio communication system.
My blood is boiling when I read about their "fleet of well-maintained vehicles"...

Luckily, I also found another webpage where tourists can leave their comments about different African tour operators, so I happily left my comments about Kanga tours there: my comments. I hope that it I will prevent at least few other tourists from making the same mistake as we did...