Monday, August 13, 2007

the game called life

Philosophy is going in strange direction these days. There are people who believe that idea presented in the movie "The Matrix", that we are living in someone else’s computer simulation, is true: NYT link. My take on that: so what? Does it matter if what we experience is real or not? As long as I have my freedom of choices (or maybe: my illusion of freedom*), I am going to live this life the best way I can.
I also find it funny that nowadays we go away from religion and concept of God, but instead we come up with theories of "designer" and even reincarnation (just this time in stricte technological sense):
"You should try to be as interesting as possible, on the theory that the designer is more likely to keep you around for the next simulation".

* It's amusing that this article came up in Science section of NYT at the same time as an article that describes how light switch in the brain can control behavior of fruity fly, mice and worms.