Friday, July 27, 2007

sleepless in SF

I haven't slept since more than 36h and I am still not sleepy. I worked 18h straight (from 1 in the night till 6.50 in the evening) and I am not tired. I think I turned into a robot. But who wouldn't after spending 5h seeding 1200 bacterial strains on agar plates and 10.5h spent in front of fluorescent microscope looking at subcellular localization of certain protein in around 16'000 worms.
When I close my eyes I actually see spotted green worms snaking around me, distinctly reminding me of leopard sharks cruising around their prey...
Maybe that's why I can not fall asleep. At least that gives me more time to experiment with my camera. Unfortunately, most of the pictures that I take now are self-portraits, as other people run away as soon as they see my camera :-(

View of one part of my room:

In the background one of the most beautiful gifts I ever got, and definitely the most unexpected one: