Monday, July 30, 2007


If an incredibly handsome, cute and funny guy is asking you out for a date (or at least a phone number or an email address) after seeing you with wet hair, a completely red face (resulting from spending 20 min in sauna) and crazy and confused look in your eyes (resulting from the embarrassment of having to talk to the cute guy with the red face), and moreover he remembers your name after meeting you only once, 8 months ago, you:
(a) tell him that you will not give him your phone number because you do not like phones and you would anyway never pick it up if he would call you
(b) tell him that you are in a hurry because you have an appointment with a friend
(c) tell him that you do not feel like dating anybody right now anyway
(d) afterwards you wonder what is wrong with you
(e) make a resolution (that you most likely will not keep) that you will agree to go for a date with the next person that will ask you out
(f) wonder if the cute guy will think that you are crazy if you show up at his work tomorrow and say that after sleeping the issue over you decided to go for a dinner with him
(g) all of the above are correct

PS Sauna afterthought: Celulities on the black skin looks MUCH MUCH worse than on the white one.