Monday, July 2, 2007

message in the bottle

The husband takes his wife for the first in her life golf game. She immediately managed to send a ball in a wrong direction and broke a window in the house standing nearby. The husband got a bit irritated with her and shouted:
- I told you to be more careful! Now we will have to go there and apologize and probably even pay for the damage!
As he said, they did. They knocked on the door of the house and in reply they heared male’s voice saying:
- Please enter.
They came inside and just next to the entrance they see: a whole in the window, some sort of old vase shuttered into pieces and a man sitting on the couch. The man asked them:
- Did you break the window?
- Hmm, Yes, we are very sorry for that… - answered the couple.
- No need to be sorry. Actually, I am grateful to you. You see, I am a jinn and I have been imprisoned in this vase for many many years. Because you saved me, I should now fulfill three of your wishes. But if you would not mind, I would ask you to use only two of your wishes and leave one for me.
- Of course, that is not a problem – replied the husband. – My wish is to receive a million dollars every year.
- No problem – said the jinn – moreover, I guarantee that you will leave for a very long time. And you, young woman, what do you want?
- I would like to have a big, beautiful house in each country of the world with the best maids possible.
- No problem. Moreover, I promises you that nobody will ever break in into any of your houses – said the jinn.
Then the couple asked the jinn what his wish was. He replied:
- Well, I was stuck alone in this vase for such a long time, that my biggest dream is to go to bed with a woman… And since you are so young and attractive, I would really like to have sex with you…
- What do you think, honey? – The husband asked his wife. – We got from him so much money and all these houses… Maybe you could agree?
So the wife agreed and went to bed with the jinn. They had sex several times during the afternoon and when the jinn was finally satisfied, he looked in her eyes and asked:
- How old you and your husband are?
- We both are 35 – she replied.
- Are you kidding? 35? And you still believe in jinns?