Sunday, July 15, 2007

our new house

I decided to check where precisely our new house is located and how much time it will take to get to it from my work.
As I expected it is located slightly further away from my work than the old house (6 vs 5 km), but as most of it is on the bike path along the coast (meaning flat and no street lights) it is not any longer than my previous commute.
What I did not expect is that it is located basically on top of Telegraph Hill, just few meters away from Coit Tower. That of course would explain spectacular views from our roof...
I am very happy that we are moving there, it really seems like a great place to live with so many things happening just 2-3 blocks away from our street.

View "up" from the corner of the street on which our new house is located.

SF, Coit Tower, 15th of July, 2007

View "down" from our new street:

SF, 15th of July 2007