Thursday, July 12, 2007

roller coaster

Life likes to play tricks on me. Whenever I decide to slow down, it says: no way!, it's time to speed up, so you'd better hold on!
Whenever I think that things are going well and the situation is stable, then BOOM! earthquake comes.
Just today Lev asked me how my roommates were and I told him that nothing exciting was happening at home and that nothing had changed since the last time he had asked that question.
Right. Ha, ha, ha.
4 hours later I am back at home and what do I learn? Well, nothing special, just that John bought a house in North Beach and that we are going to move there in 1.5 months... If I want to move with them of course.
And you know what? I want to move with him and Kristina. I have no doubts about that. I love them, they are great easygoing roommates and they are almost like family to me.
I love living in Noe Valley as well and I will surely miss it (especially now when Sebastian, Anne, Imke and Thomas are moving in just 2.5 blocks away from my house...). But I love Kristina and John (and Atti) more. It took me less than 30 seconds to decide that I want to move with them and I decided that before I even knew where precisely our new house will be and how it will look like.
By now I saw photos of it and I saw it on the map and I have to say it's great! We will have 4 bedrooms (so we will have one spare room for playing the piano and practicing yoga), bigger "open" kitchen connected with dinning/living room, plus exclusive access to the roof of the house from which we can see the ocean, downtown, Coit Tower and Golden Gate Bridge! Also area in which our house is located (North Beach) is very nice. It is basically Italian district with many little cafes, restaurants and live music, it is close to Chinatown and also just a few minutes away from the beach.
So I guess by now I am pretty excited about the new place and I do not feel that much sorry anymore for moving out of Noe Valley...