Monday, December 31, 2007

online translators

My father does not speak English (he just knows few words and anyway pronounces them in the way that it takes a lot of my mental power to understand what he tries to say). But of course he is the most devoted reader of my blog. So he uses online translators to try to understand what I am writing about.
So now he translated my most recent post and concluded that I either got or I am going to get secretly married soon, so he tried to pull my tongue on that. Well, not surprisingly, I had nothing to say in that matter.
Second thing that drew his attention was "obsessive-compulsive father", which got translated as "obsesyjno-przymuszajacy (czyli upierdliwy) ojciec". He was not very pleased with that description, but after a short exchange of arguments he had to admit (smiling with laughter tears in his eyes) that he indeed can be perceived as obsessive-compulsive ;) Unfortunately, he thinks that it is too late for him to change.
Ah, parents. Will they ever grow up?