Friday, December 28, 2007

Cabo Pulmo: Cremins' Casas

Both Shiva and I agreed that the major reason why our trip was so great, were people that we met along our way. First and foremost I have to mention Cremin, the owner of the house that we rented (see link to his webpage). Not only the house that he rented to us was very cozy and had absolutely stunning views of the village and the ocean, but also he himself added a lot of warmth to our stay. On our first day in Cabo Pulmo he left for us a bottle of red wine in front of our door, on Christmas day he brought us presents and he invited us to join him and several of his friends for a Christmas dinner! Within just a few days he made us fall in love with Cabo Pulmo and its inhabitants. I am sure that sooner than later I will set my feet back in Cabo Pulmo.

The house we rented:

View from the house during a day:

Our house during a night:

Full moon:

Last breakfast in Cabo Pulmo:

My Persian princess :)

Me, view from the windows, hummingbird feeder:

Cremin shows a yoga book to Shiva:

Christmas dinner at Cremin's place (Leticia, Shiva, Diane, Pete, Cremin, me, Rob):