Monday, December 17, 2007

Apple - the first (and hopefully last) major dissapointment

I bought a new MacBook several weeks ago and for most of this time I was very happy with it. But then, around a week ago, my keyboard stopped working. Or to be more accurate it started choosing when it felt like working and when it didn't. Today I finally found time to go to Apple store to have it fixed and I got shocked by the response of a tech guy there. He told me that he could not help me, that it was not a hardware, but a software (?!?) problem, that Apple was aware of it and that they were working on the solution! It exceeds my imagination how it is possible to screw up keyboard drivers or whatever else the problem is.
A quick google search revealed that similar problem to mine have many other Mac users, and that this problem seems to be specific to Leopard (the newest Mac OS): link 1, link 2. So until Apple kindly solves the problem, I have to either keep on using an external keyboard (what a lovely perspective to carry around with me the keyboard that is bigger than my laptop) or install back the previous operating system.
But the most I am disappointed with Apple because of it's negative campaign against Vista. No doubt that Vista sucks, but still if you claim that you are so much better than your opponent, that puts some responsibility on your shoulders, e.g. make your customers' laptops usable by providing them with working keyboard drivers!