Monday, December 31, 2007

list of unfinished posts for the year 2007

During this year I accumulated a long list of posts that are almost ready, but for various reasons are not complete and therefore not blogged. I will try to finish them in the second half of January (the first half of the month will be very busy for me: I have lots of work to do, my 30th b-day is coming, and I will have friends visiting).

Here is the list of posts that I should finish before I start writing new ones:

3/17: marriage
4/18: the marsh - a breeding ground of new performance
4/21: 2: arrival in Nairobi
5/15: Mission Bay Campus of UCSF
5/16: MPI-CBG
5/19: The Rape of Europa
6/26: June - where did you go?
7/22: earthquake
7/26: men: constant source of entertainment
7/26: men are sensitive
8/13: East African food
8/19: A night at the Masai village
8/31: genes, laughter, boys
9/06: 10 things that I should change about myself
10/01: Anza Borrego
10/07: Death Valley NP
10/15: Joshua Tree NP
10/24: Grand Canyon
12/16: The one with obsessive-compulsive father
12/27: Craigslist