Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas in Cabo Pulmo: the arrival

The best thing about being single and having lots of great friends is that you can decide to go for holidays whenever and wherever you want.

Shiva and I met for coffee (and dinner) on Sunday, 16th of December, and on Thursday, the 20th, we were already sitting in an airplane to Los Cabos, located on the southern tip of Baja California peninsula. We had such a good time traveling together that we almost missed our connecting flight... - we were the last people boarding the plane and apparently we did not hear when they were paging us several times.

Upon arrival in Los Cabos we rented a car and started our journey to Cabo Pulmo, a tiny village located on the east cape of southern Baja California. Cabo Pulmo is home to the only living coral reef in Western North America and as such in 1995 it was designated to be National Marine Park. Thanks to that this area is extremely quite and pristine. There are very few people living in the village, there are no phones, no TV, no busy night life (there is total of five small family run restaurants in the village and only two of them are open in the evening). Even to buy food supplies we had to drive for 30 minutes to the nearest bigger city.

Thanks to all that it was extremely relaxing to stay in Cabo Pulmo. Life definitely slowed down for us. After waking up we had nice breakfast, then we went to the beach, walked around a bit, ate lunch/dinner in one of the restaurants, and when it started to get dark we went home to read, talk, relax. I definitely had a wonderful time there and I did not feel like leaving when the time came.

Cabo Pulmo is located just slightly south of Tropic of Cancer:

Road to Cabo Pulmo has many "dangerous turns" ;) It's also full of even more dangerous cows.

We arrived to Cabo just before sunset. Here is view of the mountains from our house:

And here is a view of Cabo Pulmo village:

In the evening we went for a dinner to Coral Reef restaurant, where we met three German girls from Dortmund that were spending a semester of their studies in Mexico. Together with them we played Rummy and drunk many tequila shots:

Late in the night Shiva and I went to the beach and tried to take a photo of ourselves, but it seems that we were to drunk to do that properly (that's the best one of serious of ten or so):

That's glamorous Shiva:

And here I am: