Saturday, June 23, 2007


Monika - name derived from Greek "monos" (meaning: the only one, alone, lonely). In Poland used since XV century (also as Mońka, Muńka). Friends and family would often instead of Monika use any of the following: Monia, Moniczka, Monisia, Moniś, Nika, Mona. In my particular case I would be also often called: Moni, Mo, Mon, Monik, Monsu (Jochen's poor spelling attempt of Monisiu), Monischka (Fede's version of Moniczka). Also: Su....ek (especially in the context: Su....ek! Are you crazy?!? or: Su....ek, Behave! or: OMG, Su....ek, What did you do this time? Those all are mostly used by Ann and BB), Ksiezniczko (Princess), Sloneczko (Sunshine), Kochanie (I guess Darling or My Love are the closest to Polish meaning), Moja Ukochana Coreczko (My Beloved Daughter, used by my father in every second sentence), Moje Szczescie Ukochane (My Beloved Happiness, again used by my father several times during each conversation), Ty Zolzo Jedna (I guess the best translation would be: You Bitchy Girl, used by my father whenever he thinks that I tease him too much).

Since I live abroad almost everybody just calls me Monika (or rather Manika). How boring. I also do not get presents anymore for my name day(s). Chlip.

Here is a cute poem about my name written by Ludwik Jerzy Kern:

Maybe she can be a bit wild,
Maybe she can be too vivid -
That's not important!
The important thing is that Monika
When makes others happy,
Makes herself happy too.

Może nawet bywa trochę dzika,
Może nawet nazbyt żywa bywa -
To nieważne!
Ważne, że Monika,
Kiedy uszczęśliwia innych,
Sama jest szczęśliwa.