Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Analytical and thoughtful

Tonight I went with Sebastian to see "10 questions for the Dalai Lama". Unfortunately, we both found the movie to be naive and barely scratching the surface of the problem (however you define the problem, whether it would be China's invasion and occupation of Tibet or Dalai Lama's non-violence politics, or existence of religions in general...)
But the point that I would like to make here is that I always have very good conversations with Sebastian. His brain seems to work in a similar way to mine. We almost always agree on everything, yet we have very good discussions. He seems to analyze the problems in the same way I do, and he is also very much problem-solving oriented. For example, we both clearly see many differences between how things are done here, in the US, and how they are done in old Europe. But what is nice about talking with Sebastian is that he is not judgmental and he does not say: this way is better than the other, but that he always looks for the best in both ways of doing things. Moreover, he tries to find the source of the differences and learn from it as much as he can. I highly appreciate his way of being and thinking, and always after talking to him I have a feeling of well spent time.